On October 23, 1895, in the apartment of Bishop Kazimierz Ruszkiewicz, parish priest of the Holy Cross in Warsaw, at Krakowskie Przedmiescie, several people gathered:

  1. Bishop Kazimierz Ruszkiewicz
  2. Countess Maria z Górskich Sobańska
  3. Countess Kazimierz Sobański
  4. Countess Anna Branicka
  5. Baroness Aleksandra Weyssenhoff (née Bloch)
  6. Prince Michał Radziwiłł
  7. Jan Paweł Łuszczewski – Warsaw Charity Society Chairman of the Board
  8. Wilhelm Ellis Rau – industrialist
  9. Gustaw Gerlach – industrialist
  10. Szymon Krzeczkowski – activist and vice president of the Warsaw Charity Society
  11. Anna Kobylińska – sister of mercy from the Vincent de Paul congregation
  12. Helena Domaszewska
  13. Euzebiusz Brzeziewicz – from the parish of Saint. Cross in Warsaw.

Presenting the financial report sister Anna Kobylińska appealed to the gathered to take the initiative to build a dedicated building for the Almshouse.

It was clear from the course of the meeting that the matter had been discussed and agreed upon earlier, because after the request, the baroness Alexander Weyssenhoff informed that her father Jan Bogumił Bloch transferred the amount of 2,000 rubles for the construction of the Almshouse in Solec, which of course, was accepted with gratitude. In order to satisfy the organizational issues, the Council of Guardians was also established at the meeting:

  1. Main guardians – priest Bishop. Kazimierz Ruszkiewicz and count Kazimierz Sobański; countess Maria Sobańska (née Górska) and baroness Aleksandra Weyssenhoff (née Bloch);
  2. Secretary – Fr. Eusebius Brzeziewicz from the parish of Saint. Cross in Warsaw;
  3. Szymon Krzeczkowski – on behalf of the Warsaw Charity Society;
  4. The direct guardian and the almshouse manager – SM Anna Kobylińska.