Funds collected by the Council of Guardians and the land provided by Jan Bloch enabled the construction of a new home for the Almshouse. In the 3rd July the cornerstone was laid down. Press support, particularly in the person of Bolesław Prus, additionally mobilized Warsaw citizens’ generosity. Funds collected in this way as well as physical help allowed finishing of the construction. First Almshouse residents moved in in July.
On the 17th of February 1903 the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Petersburg officially approved the Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse Society statute. From that moment on, having its own statute, management and finances, the organization could operate the Almshouse.

The Almshouse sheltered people of both sexes, regardless of religion. Between 1903 and 1969 it operated a kindergarten for children up to 6 years of age. From 1909 until 1934, on the acquired adjacent parcel, there was a shelter for poor academic youth. Society’s operations were recognized and appreciated by the Vatican. In 1918 during his visit to Poland, the Apostolic Nuncio Achilles Ratti (later Pope Pius XI) aided the Society financially from the Holy Father Benedict XV. In the years 1939 to 1945 the Almshouse conducted its statutory activity expanding it to all those in need, including Warsaw insurgents. In 1945 repatriates found shelter in the Almshouse. Short-term nursing and food assistance for the people of Warsaw was provided.

The Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse Society survived in spite of difficulties and still conducts its statutory activities in its original home. Currently it takes care of 90 people, however in the past up to 200 residents were taken care of.
Societies archive contains registry containing the records of all these people throughout history. The documentation begins in 1888 and is maintained to this day.

Pictures of the registry