Multitude of homeless of different ages roaming around the city required immediate medical care and social support. Particularly influenced by poverty were the abandoned elderly.

Anna Kobylińska, sister of mercy from the Vincent de Paul congregation addressed the issue initiating the charity operation later known as the Francis de Sales Almshouse. Supported by the Information Bureau of Extreme Poverty and the Warsaw Charity Society, between 1882 and 1895, in rented apartments she operated “Saint Joseph’s Care for Poor and Children”. In the overall of 10 apartments in Powiśle, help was extended over around 70 people, mainly lonely elderly women. The dispersion of the apartments and their standard were highly inconvenient, and therefore limited the scope of aid greatly.

The pastor of the Holy Cross Parish, fr. Bishop Kazimierz Ruszkiewicz appeared with support, initiating the Council of Guardians, a group of Warsaw philanthropists based in Warsaw. The Council soon transformed into the Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse Society.

In the surrounding political situation, self-standing citizen initiative was frowned upon, therefore additional institutional support was required. Thanks to countess Maria Sobolańska influence, in the beginning of 1895,  that support was provided by the Warsaw Charity Society,

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