On the 9th of December bishop Ruszkiwicz dedicated a chapel and an almshouse for the elderly of both sexes, incapable of work, to saint Francis de Sales. Sister of Mercy Anna Kobylińska, well known for their charity work was the initiator of this institution.

Through hard work the institution grew and today it has its own building, thanks to donations of the people whom we feel obliged to list for the readers information. Land was donated by Jan Bloch, construction funds were donated by: mr. Bloch, A. Wyeysenhof, count Zamoyski, baron v. Lenval, mr Wilhelm Rau,  Kanstanty Rudzki , mr Leopold Kronenberg and many other who enabled the business and construction management led by Władysław Marconi to finish the building, meeting all the modern hygienic requirements. Additionally Emilia Bloch founded a nursery for 50 children of factory workers. The Almshouse for the elderly incapable of work is located at the Solec street nr. 30.

On the 13th December 1904 the entry was created in the will and testament of Jan Bloch naming the Almshouse Society as the owner of the parcel on which it is located.
Notarial act registry number 1592.

On behalf of the Bloch family, Wilhelm Wellish was the plenipotentiary, managing the estate (after Bloch’s death he was entrusted with the management of the interests of the deceased principal).

On February 21, 1905, the notary public registry number 181 confirms the acceptance of the Bloch family’s gift.

On 24 September 1905 in the presence of notary public Szymon Landau, a donation contract was signed. Adopted and approved by a notarial deed, it was the basis for an entry in the land and mortgage register.



C) Na części nieruchomości mojej nr. 2959, 2960, 2961 na Solcu w Warszawie położonych na przestrzeni zawierającej przeszło 4 000 łokci kwadratowych wybudowanym został przytułek noszący nazwę Śgo Salezego. Grunt ten oddaję na własność nieograniczoną Tegoż przytułku Śgo Salezego.