“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy”.


The words wrought in metal placed on the eastern wall of the House, for over 100 years, are a silent witness of the Society’s philanthropic struggles. Properly understood mercy combined with sacrifice, sensitivity, sense of duty, or finally ordinary human honesty are the supreme values for the Society’s members. These values and support, often anonymous, of people of good will, allowed to survive and implement statutory goals. 

In addition to mercy, today’s reality requires flexibility and consideration of current needs.

Activities in the field of social welfare, including philanthropy for people in difficult life or material situations, should not be limited only to a small group of residents of the Almshouse. The vision of care provided by our predecessors requires updating and adapting both in terms of goals and methods resulting from the assessment of the current state of the needs of the immediate environment.

That is why we enrich that vision today with plans related to activities for the local environment by organizing and running day care homes, and providing comprehensive assistance to disabled or elderly people in their local environment. Particularly involving their social integration and stimulation, development and satisfaction of their cultural and creative needs.

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