The Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse Society in Warsaw aims to create a positive space for seniors’ activity. The Almshouse is inhabited by a large and diverse community and should create homely, safe living space. We are striving for a space friendly and open towards all those in need of a helping hand or just wanting to keep company.


Establishing a space friendly towards the elderly, from the immediate environment, is the Society’s vision. It’s mission is to realize the statute activities through creation and organization of positive conditions  for the Almshouse inhabitants and local society elderly members.

The aims are:

  • Active participation in the “Senior friendly Warsaw” program,
  • Supporting the city in activities regarding elderly citizens
  • Proactive involvement of the local community for the needy
  • Propagating the idea of philanthropy and activities integrating the environment and different generations

Preservation and sharing of the Society’s cultural heritage.