According to the regulations included already in the first statute, Society’s affairs are managed by the General Meeting and the Board. The latter consists of 6 to 12 people, in practice it was always twelve, elected for a three-year term. One-third of the members withdraw from the Board after the expiration of designated time (first by lot, later by the duration of the mandate). They may, however, be re-elected, which was a common practice. In most cases, following “fours” were re-elected to perform their respective functions. Members of the Board elect a presiding person (the president) and a deputy from among its members. All members of the Board perform their duties without remuneration. Decisions in the Board are made by a simple majority, but there must be at least three members present. The Board manages Societies assets, employs and dismisses people working at the Almshouse, supervises the operation of the Almshouse and, most importantly, decides whether or not to accept a person into the Almshouse, to be taken care of.