The support for construction of the Almshouse was gathered by placing informational articles in Warsaw newspapers. To this day survived an article written by Edward Lubkowski published in 01.02.1896 in the Warsaw Courier entitled “Help”. In spring 1896 earthworks begun and as soon as the 3rd July 1896 erection act was signed  and the corner stone was laid in under the foundation of the building. A year after the decision to build the house was made, on 20.10.1896 during the next meeting of the Council of Guardians the design of the building’s sewage presented by the engineer Kazimierz Sommer was considered and details of the interior design were determined, such as: floor, stairs, kitchen elevators, gas lighting.
All the important details related to the construction were described by Bolesław Prus. In the Daily Courier published in 13.12.1896, in an article entitled “Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse for the incapable” he describes in detail the history of Society’s establishment and names all the people involved in the works and their financing.

Both named articles are available in the bookmark „GALLERY – XIX century press”