Social Welfare Home

Name of the place where for 120 years needy people get support changed along evolving historical, economic and political circumstances.

since 1897 the house was called the Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse for the abandoned and incapable of earning a living.

since 1947          SOCIAL WELFARE HOME


od 1972               HOME FOR THE CHRONICALLY ILL

od 1990               SOCIAL HELP HOME

od 2010               Saint Francis de Sales SOCIAL HELP HOME in Warsaw

The names of the Almshouse changed, generations of Residents and Caretakers passed, unchanged remained the formula of help provided in the Almshouse.

 Just like 100 years ago, a register and records of residents are kept, celebrations and jubilees are celebrated, those who leave for eternity are solemnly bid farewell. The memory about past events is maintained, with attention to details that keep this memory alive. The Society’s tradition and culture of care are cultivated.

Nowadays, the Social Help Home is an organizational unit of the Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse and operates in Warsaw at Solec 36a street, in the facility that has been the headquarters of the Society since 1897.
The Almshouse is a care facility for chronically ill people. The residents live in single, double and triple rooms with bathrooms. The building is adapted for the disabled, has an elevator and wide corridors.

Each floor has a dining room and a doctor’s office. The Almshouse has a well-equipped rehabilitation room, an occupational therapy room, a library and a chapel. The residents are taken care of by a professional, empathetic staff. Special events are organized – carol singing with invited guests, picnics, performances by artistic groups as well as sightseeing tours. A well-kept backyard garden is available for the residents to spend their time in.