The Society is planning to adapt the utility buildings adjacent to the railway area, by adding a superstructure directly adjacent to the four-story wing of the main building. The expansion will allow to improve care conditions, extend rehabilitation, therapeutic and social care offer. The added structure will include a new fireproof evacuation staircase at the junction with the high part of the existing main building, and an elevator connecting all levels, which will facilitate the movement of disabled people and internal transport.

The superstructure of the utility outbuilding will improve fire safety in the entire complex of the Almshouse thanks to new staircase that will meet the modern fire safety requirements.

The ground floor and the first floor of the outbuilding will house – after demolishing the unnecessary partitions – a new therapeutic room, library, a rest room and consultation rooms. A historic sectional ceiling with brick vaults on steel beams will be unveiled and restored on the ground floor of the outbuilding.