At the first meeting with Fr. bishop, on October 23, 1895, a decision was made to build a special house for the needs of the Almshouse, a care committee was also established – the Council of Guardians.

The first primary task of the established committee was to create an architectural plan for the building. For the second meeting, in January 30th 1896, architects were invited: Władysław Marconi, Stanisław Adamczewski and Edward Cichocki. Functional requirements were presented and the designers were asked to provide detailed house plan within a week(!). On February 8, another meeting took place, during which the proposals of Marconi and Cichocki were selected. It was decided to ask Mr. Marconi to create a single design from his own and Mr. Cichocki’s projects, so that the detailed and finished plan would be presented for approval to the City Council and to the government authorities, with Mr. Szymon Krzeczkowski’s assistance. Moreover, Marconi and Adamczewski were kindly invited to take charge of the construction of the building, to which the gentlemen agreed. It was decided that the construction would begin with spring of the current year.
The detailed division of responsibilities between the designers is unknown, including those concerning supervision of construction works. However, based on known protocol records it can be deduced that the chief supervisor of works was Senior Builder of the City of Warsaw – architect Władysław Marconi.

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