We would like to warmly welcome you

to the Saint Francis de Sales Almshouse Society in Warsaw online museum. We would like to invite You to familiarize Yourself with the exhibition describing the origins of the Almshouse and its history. The Almshouse which, embraced the extremely poor Varsovians in the nineteenth century. Hence the name “Almshouse”. At the same time we are presenting the history of philanthropy and charity – understood as civic duty resulting from the love for the homeland and neighbors. This was one of the ways of independence available to the Polish people on a daily basis. Other historical details are available here. The complete archive is available here. At the same time we would like to kindly ask you to report missing information, because it was not possible to establish the identity of the persons or authors of presented documents, despite the efforts made on our part. We would also appreciate any thoughts and comments entered in the guest book.


We wish You many unforgettable impressions during Your visit.